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Airbnb and Renting

Whether you're traveling outside the country or investing some time to explore places near you, of course, you need a place to stay. Renting via Airbnb is the most popular and cheapest way to get the apartment you need, but how safe is it?

Not many dare to think about vacation during the pandemic, but you need time to unwind and escape from all the everyday chaos.

Our traveling adventures are changed, at least for now. Disinfecting the luggage as well as cleaning up our rooms with antibacterial products is a new normal. Here's what you need to do to stay healthy since you decided to hit the road and rent a place during summer.

Cleaning and disinfection

First and foremost, try to find proven accommodation, with high marks for cleanliness and tidiness. If the hosts put a lot of effort into maintaining hygiene, the chances are high that they take the threat of infection with the Covid-19 virus seriously and disinfect the area well before your arrival.

However, since you cannot wholly rely on it, you must do some cleaning as well. Disinfect all surfaces that touch a lot - handles, switches, work surfaces, handles on the refrigerator and kitchen elements, toilet, and if you have a dishwasher in the accommodation.

Don't be lazy, despite being on vacation - wash all necessary cutlery and dishes preventively before use.

Avoid contacts

Ask the host what the conditions of stay are, whether the accommodation is isolated and whether there is a possibility of check-in and check-out without seeing him.

If you do not rent accommodation through Airbnb, but directly from the host, agree on making the payment safely.

The upside of using Airbnb is that you don't have to meet many people, though many hotels are somewhat empty.

Make an emergency plan

Despite precautions, you can never be entirely sure that you will not suddenly get sick during your vacation and will not need emergency medical care.

Before you go on a trip, check where the nearest health care facility or Covid-19 clinic is. Call and ask what the procedure is and who you would have to call in case of an emergency so that you don't waste time.

Travel pharmacy

In addition to standard medications, probiotics, and insect repellents, pay more attention to medicines for fever and rehydration.

Also, be sure to bring a sufficient supply of face masks, gloves, and disinfectants. You don't know how much you will need them, and you should never run out of them.

Choose the company wisely

Wherever you go, choose your company carefully. In this uncertain time, it is best to spend the summer only with members of the closest family and leave the vacation with friends for some happier times.

Although socializing and having fun are essential on vacation, you can infect each other and make the holiday a disaster. That's why it's necessary to be responsible.

Each step you take comes with a risk. But if you're wearing your mask, wash hands and use plenty of products for disinfection, you're doing your best.

If you're thinking about vacation, be ready for some disinfection before you make yourself at home. Then, you can relax, preferably in nature, while your brain is processing the past few months. Hopefully, things won't stay this complicated for long.

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