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Creepiest Places From All Over The World

Some places have quite a reputation for being haunted and filled with mystery. If you enjoy traveling, but you’re not afraid to get a bit spooky, let’s take a worldwide tour to some of the scariest places. We’ll visit Japan, France, and other usually entertaining sites! It’s time to see what’s behind urban legends and to get to know these beautiful and charming yet daring places!

Akoigahara forest, Japan

Even the Japanese writer Wataru Tsurumi described this place as “the perfect place to die” in his book “The Complete Manual Of Suicide.” This creepy forest has the unfortunate fate of being one of the world’s most popular places for suicide.

Aokigahara lies at the foothill of the Mount Fuji, and because of the dense and dark forest, it’s a place from which you shudder.

The Aokigahara forest appears to be haunted by the dead souls. Because of its darkness and eerie silence, more than 500 people have taken their lives in this dense and mystical forest in the past 50 years. That’s why it’s known as the “Suicide Forest” or “Sea of Trees.”

Legend has it that Aokigahara was a place where old and sick people were once brought and left to die.

This notorious forest is an easy place to get lost. Visitors should follow the signs and stay on the path.

Catacombs of Paris

Twenty meters below the surface of the city of lights remains a complex of tunnels built at the time of the Roman Empire. Most of them remain unexplored.

The dark and abandoned labyrinth of the tunnels is scary enough by itself. But what makes it even more bizarre is the 6-7 million skeletons that were placed there in the 18th century.

Due to the lack of graves at the time, all the graves of the Parisians were excavated, and their skeletons were moved here.

Even a quick look at the tunnels is enough to cause fear. Ghosts of dead miners allegedly haunt the claustrophobic atmosphere, darkness, and apparent dangers such as collapsing walls and getting lost in an endless labyrinth, endless corridors.

This is one of the most exciting and creepiest places to visit in Paris, but don’t explore it by yourself because you can get lost!

Poveglia island, Italy

Near the elegant Venice, the island of Poveglia has no similarity to the tourist part of the city.

The island seems haunted for a good reason. Those who were dying of the plague were led to the island. In the 19th century, a hospital for the mentally ill was opened here.

The hospital was closed after allegations that the doctors were performing experiments on patients. That was the reason to be remoted from the public.

Locals still believe that “when an evil man dies, he wakes up on the Poveglia,” which is also called the “Island of Death.” Today, only a few winegrowers live on this island, and it used to be inhabited by hundreds of families.

Akershus Forstess, Norway

Built in Oslo fjord, the medieval castle was created in 1300., to protect the capital city and royal family.

From the 18th century until 1950. it was served as a prison. Prisoners were subjected to heavy physical exertion, and shackles and chains were known to be used to keep everyone disciplined.

During WW2, the Nazi’s occupied fortress carrying out executions. Akershus is believed to be the most haunted place in Scandinavia.

Visitors claim that whispers and scratches are heard continuously along the corridors. Correctional officers reported an awkward feeling as someone was pushing them while there was no one around.

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

A two-hour drive by boat from Mexico City, this spot looks like a nightmare because of thousands of creepy dolls hanging from trees and hiding among the branches.

According to the legend, after one girl drowned, the owner of the island found the doll at the same place a few days later. He hung the toy on a tree as a sign of respect as he was convinced that the drowned girl’s ghost haunted him.

He spent decades hanging dolls he found around the island to calm the girl’s spirit, until 2001 when he died in the same place where he found the girl.

Although the nature surrounding the island is beautiful - the scenography of horror movies still prevails among tourists.

Which of these haunted and creepy places do you think is worth visiting first? Many sites seem too beautiful to miss, but if you listen to the urban legends and folklore, you need to be genuinely courageous to pay a visit, even for a few hours. These five places may look dreamy, but they’ll give you nightmares!

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