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Eco Travel and Economy

Over-tourism is out, and rightfully so. Sustainable travelers are not a trend: they are merely adventurists who understand that this is the only planet we have. So, with that in mind, here are small ways that will help you develop your eco-conscious further. Additionally, you’ll be helping the economy, and we all know that we all have to our part once the pandemic is over.

The previous decade was about discovering the most luxurious, glamourous Instagram worthy places. But the travel landscape is always evolving, and this decade is dedicated to making healthier choices for you and the upcoming generations. Eco-friendly spots are becoming the new luxury, and exploring your country is a way to save, yet help the domestic economy. A win-win situation for everyone. Here’s how to plan your future sustainable journeys!

Reducing Impact

Travelers are looking for less crowded cities and destinations that maybe aren’t as popular to combat the adverse effects of over-tourism. Also, they’re choosing less environmentally-harmful modes of transportation. Goodbye plane rides, and hello beautiful, adventure-filled trains!

Packing and Shopping

When you’re preparing for a journey, you need a plan, not a new wardrobe. Mix and match what you have, and instead of buying a new plastic suitcase, invest in eco-friendly bags. The earth-loving options are pricier, but the quality makes them worth every penny. When you’re shopping, make sure to check out what’s hiding among up and coming designers from your area.

Small Trips

Tiny trips are short getaways away from loud and busy cities. Instead of spending all your vacation days on one big adventure, you can take up to six mini trips to nature, or the nearest village. Get some rest, enjoy the greenery, and give your overworked mind a break. You’ll get to eat some delicious homemade and homegrown foods, explore the area and discover that this is the ideal answer to all the stresses your long vacation usually brings.

Pet Travel

We love our pets, and cargo holds on flights aren’t quite what your dog would call a relaxing experience. There are much less stressful options, and they combine traveling by train or car, going to pet-friendly, sustainable hotels, and investing in your state, or a country nearby. Most luxury places, no matter how near or far, now have pet-friendly activities and eateries in their offers, and you know that your fluffy buddy deserves only the best.

Vegan friendly

Travel providers know that more and more people are going vegan. It’s good for the planet and your overall health. The increasing rise in vegan-friendly restaurants is evident. But vegans want to see more hotels that are vegan-friendly, with no animal products in the room. It’s easy to find proper accommodation, and help a small business make a profit while staying loyal to your planet.

Spartan Travel

The more you go minimalistic, the simpler it is for you to truly experience any place you decide to visit. Spartan travel means giving up all the luxuries of traditional tourism, including available tech, in exchange for a more straightforward way of life. Gather your best friends and enjoy swimming in lakes, hiking, and living a simple, yet meaningful life. At least for a few days.

Country Coupling

If you want romance, you don’t need to go to Paris or Venice. These cities are always overcrowded, and it’s making the mark on their futures. Country coupling is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and romantic way for your getaway. Visit a mountain, seaside, an unusual, yet amusing destination. It’s always about the journey anyway, so enjoy an idyllic time with your loved one.

While we can’t entirely undo the damage, we can make conscious decisions and turn our traveling adventures into something new and more productive. This doesn’t mean you should never go abroad, or board a plane. But, let’s start by making small changes and waking up the sustainable travelers inside us. It’s more about relaxing and enjoying yourself than anything. And you deserve a proper rest, as well as more time in nature. That’s one way to learn how to respect it more and avoid the traps of modern life.

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