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Game-Changing Ways To Spend Less and Get the Most From Traveling

Traveling is soul food, an escape from everyday routine, and a way to connect with yourself in ways you never knew possible. There are so many benefits, but it does come with a price. Let's see what we can do to help you explore the world while maintaining a healthy bank account.

While travel does include costs: airfare, service, and some activities, there are alternative ways to travel, save money, and allow yourself to have new adventures and follow your wanderlust. You know by now how to use miles and Airbnb, but there are some concrete things you can do to make your experiences cheaper. Here's how to get most and spend less, no matter where you decided to go.

Make a budget

Your credit card might be limitless, but your incomes aren't. That's why you need to make a strict budget and stick to it. If you decide to spend all the money in one day, you'll spend the rest of your travel on water and bread. At least that's how you should set your attention because when you're in a foreign place, colors seem brighter, and you're in a great mood. But always remember that life will continue once you come home.

Once you set your budget, try to make a flexible plan about the actual spending. If you're staying for ten days, try to calculate how much you should spend daily to maintain a healthy balance. It's vital to notice that prices vary, and if it's offseason, you'll have more significant financial freedom. Even then, you don't want to be a typical tourist and work for a year (or longer) merely to pay off one vacation. Plans are annoying, but being mindful of your money should be a way of life.

Eating and drinking

Instead of picking all the hot spots for tourists, ask the locals for recommendations. You don't need fancy restaurants unless you specifically came to dine in one. All you need is some knowledge and chose smaller, cozy places real enjoyment that won't break the bank.

Of course, you shouldn't eat outside all the time. When you're about to start sightseeing, make a protein fueled breakfast, and always carry a bar or a fruit in case your blood sugar drops. You can also have coffee in your room, and you can later treat yourself by getting a cup to go. They are less pricey, especially in European tourist destinations. You can make a picnic, get your necessities from a food stand, and enjoy the views. It's an enjoyable activity, that's also saving you some cash.


There's nothing wrong with souvenirs and gifts, but everything you can find in a gift shop is rather useless. It's usually something cute, and you have the right spot for it, but it's overpriced and far from being a necessity. Skipping these shops altogether is the best way to avoid extra expenses.

It's a well-known fact that cluttering our homes isn't healthy for our minds. So, instead of collecting gifts, your focus should be on creating memories. Shopping is fun, but you don't have to spend money on things when you can use them for adventures. It's up to you, but we prefer experiences over items. Most people get carried away when they're on vacation, so think twice, because that's your money and you can always put it into better use.


When you're in a big city, you can always rent a bicycle, to avoid getting into cabs or Uber. Walking is the best way to get to know a place in full, but it often requires you to be in fantastic shape. Additionally, you waste a lot of time, but if you're having fun, learning, and enjoying yourself, is it a waste of time? You can always use public transportation, which challenges you to understand that each country has different systems, and you need to adapt.

Now, the most significant tourist trap is paying for pricey tours. You need to know what you want to see, and again, it's good to ask around, get friendly with locals, so you know which places are worth your time and money. Check out free activities, museums, and discounts. There's always something going on that doesn't require a fortune, and the key is planning and googling.

Money spending and traveling go hand in hand. But, you can change some traveling patters, save some cash, and start planning the next location to explore!

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