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Best Party Capitals in Europe To Spend Your Summer, But Not Break Your Bank

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Epic adventures are hidden in some historically famous European cities, which unlike Paris or Berlin, won't break your bank. You'll be amazed how cheap it is to party, enjoy yourself and have a classy accommodation.

If you're a true traveler at heart, yet you don't know where to go next, hope you will enjoy our choices. May they inspire you to discover the best parties at nights, while enjoying the vibrant art and history during the days.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the best cities for students looking for a party and fun. There are eccentric bars in basements that serve cheap drinks and gather a lot of hipsters and students who want to spend the night under the arches of ancient architectural buildings.

Clubs offer a wide variety of music. Polish people are friendly, and it should be easy for you to make new friends on your first visit to Krakow. Krakow is a beautiful city that will fascinate you with its charm and centuries-old tradition.

If you visit this charming city during the Christmas and New Year holidays, you'll fall in love with its magical atmosphere. Krakow is easy to fall in love with at any time of the year.

Warsaw, Poland

If you're looking for parties that last all night long, beautiful people, international DJs, excellent drinks, and fabulous fun, you shouldn't miss Warsaw.

The bars have fantastic surround systems, an outstanding offer of drinks, cocktails, and local snacks, beautiful hostesses who look like they have acted in Bond movies!

Nightlife begins in bars and continues in clubs. The glamor of the nightlife in Warsaw could make you think you are in London or Moscow, only the prices for this trip are much cheaper.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a destination for a great time whether you are looking for clubbing, good music, or merely fantastic beer. Entertainment can be found equally in the Old and New Towns. The street with the most bars, restaurants and the famous music club is called Dlouha, located near the square in the Old Town.

Karlovy Lazne, the largest nightclub in Europe, is located in Prague. But that's not all. The capital of the Czech Republic in its clubs, bars, pubs, and taverns entertain dusk to dawn, top class DJ's, hundreds of varieties of quality Czech beer ...

Although beer in Prague is no longer as cheap as it was until recently, Prague is still one of the most affordable European party destinations. Prague is an excellent destination for you if you want to party like a king and have a modest budget.

Belgrade, Serbia

The Serbian capital can be described as the world capital of nightlife. It's a city where every party animal will find a place for himself. The night scene is tremendous, with clubs with a variety of music styles.

Belgrade is a city that never sleeps, a city of floating clubs on its rivers Sava and Danube. Unlike most other towns, Belgrade nightclubs welcome their guests all 12 months of the year and are considerably affordable.

Belgrade clubs usually don't charge tickets, but control at the entrance is strict. Apart from clubs, famous Serbian cafes are also excellent places for socializing and nightlife, with a relaxed atmosphere and traditional live music.

Another thing that will delight every foreigner in Belgrade is that they will welcome him as a VIP guest in any club or cafe for an affordable expense. And the traditional dishes are delicious!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a party destination that's still undiscovered for many tourists. The old buildings, which are throughout the capital of Hungary, have been transformed into night bars. In most nightclubs, there are studios with different music and atmosphere, and to make things even better, drinks are cheap.

Also, Budapest is known for its Spas, and its bathrooms are transformed during the summer into podiums for huge parties that are organized by locals. Despite not being actual clubs, everything sounds as if top DJs perform the music.

These five cities may not be the obvious choice for an adventure. But, they are safe and tourist-friendly. Though they always have visitors, they are rarely overcrowded.

If you want a summer of great parties, dancing all night, and enjoy friendly conversations with the locals, this is the only list you should keep in mind.

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