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Inspiring Places for Honeymooners and Romance Lovers

If you're looking for a romantic summer getaway or a place to spend your first days as a married couple, look no further. Our picks aren't as obvious, but they might inspire you to get even more from the journey with your loved one.

While many couples want a five-star experience, there's no need always to visit the same places. Allow your love to grow, while exploring lesser-known, yet wonderfully amusing, unusual places. Let's see which top spots on the planet should be on your romantic bucket list:

Reykjavik, Iceland

Welcome to planet Iceland! Famous for its wild nature, it's considered an ideal destination for people looking for an unforgettable life adventure.

When planning your honeymoon, anniversaries, or romantic getaways, Iceland may not be the first place you think of. Still, this magical island is a paradise for tourists looking for adventure and enjoying the outstanding nature.

Have you thought about enjoying the surreal beauty of the aurora borealis? This spectacular light show alone is reason enough to visit Reykjavik.

There's a lot to see in and around the city, even if you miss the aurora borealis. Reykjavik offers a wide range of landscapes - from glaciers to waterfalls, beaches, lava fields, and volcanoes.

Hallgrímskirkja Church is located in the center of Reykjavik. With its 70 meters, this organ-shaped church is the tallest building in Iceland. It's highly recommended to visit the church tower, which offers a fantastic view of the city.

Laurgardalur - also known as the "valley of hot springs," this place has the largest outdoor thermal pool in Reykjavik. Imagine the contrast - icy ground leads to warm water, heated to the optimum temperature.

While you might not associate street art with Reykjavik, you'll probably change your mind when visiting it. Street art is a big part of the culture in the city. It all starts with the Iceland Airwaves music festival, where artists create what is known as "wall poetry." This way you'll have the opportunity to get to know the many sights for which the city is famous.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is among the most romantic islands in the world. It is the most picturesque, most popular and most desirable Greek island for tourists.

White facades, blue roofs, carpentry, dark volcanic rocks, and the blue of the Aegean Sea make Santorini's typical colors. It dominates every photo from this magical island for the postcard of the year.

The most luxurious hotels are located in the most beautiful places and offer an incredible view of the sea and the surrounding area. Everything in hotels, from the interior and bedrooms to the pools and spa, is devoted to romantic and loving souls.

The beaches of Santorini are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean: white, red, gray, or black sand, and the water is deep and crystal clear.

Another legend positively contributes to the romance of Santorini - whoever gets married here will never divorce. Maybe that's why this island, along with Las Vegas, is the world's favorite destination for weddings. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are always crowded with people from all over the world trying to find their soulmates.

Although it has been on the list of the ten most desirable world destinations for years, Santorini remains a beautiful jewel of the Mediterranean, an island of contrasts where you can equally enjoy nightlife and its magical beaches.

Charleston, South Carolina

The destination for couples can be one of the oldest cities in the United States, known for its beautiful and romantic atmosphere that dominates in it - Charleston in South Carolina.

Charleston is a port city founded in the 17th century. The town is characterized by old houses (mostly narrow), colorful facades, landscaped gardens, cobbled streets, and magnolia trees. Lush and flowery vegetation contributes to the romantic impression.

The impression is that the whole city is the scenery for a romantic movie. That's one of the reasons why Charleston is also one of the most famous cities in the United States for weddings.

Charleston is also known for many old churches and monuments, which is why it's also known as the Holy city.

One of the locations in Charleston that you should visit for romantic memories is The Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. The view of the picturesque waterfalls and the port of Charleston evokes sighs.

Don't skip the oldest estates in the United States, popular among photographers, lovers of butterflies, colorful flowers, and giant oaks - Boone Hall.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a city in Belgium whose fairytale and romantic atmosphere is contributed by squares, old-fashioned houses and gardens full of flowers, cobbled streets, so it is the perfect place for a romantic trip for couples.

Bruges is intersected by canals over which willows tower. The most romantic activity is a boat ride, and the most popular accommodation type is romantic hotels overlooking the channel.

If you get tired of walking, you can take a carriage ride through the old part of the city, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And is there a more romantic ride than a carriage ride? Certainly not.

The Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck lived and worked in Bruges. You can admire his art, as well as the opus of other significant medieval, renaissance, and modern artists of Belgium, in the museums of Bruges.

Also, cycling is the perfect way to explore this beautiful place and historic center. Citizens of Bruges use their bicycles as the primary form of transport.

The symbol of Bruges is the medieval Belfort tower located in the city center, 83 meters high. Challenge the 366 steps and climb to the top of the tower with your loved one.

A picture of one of the most fairytale cities in the world - Bruges - will open in front of you. Bruges is also one of the few cities in the world that people like to visit in winter because the snow contributes to the romantic atmosphere of the town.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The image of colorful, charming houses scattered on cliffs overlooking the sea and bright, fragrant flowers contribute to the romantic atmosphere of the seaside town of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre is located in Liguria and consists of five villages located next to each other - Monterosso, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza, Riomaggiore. The communities are immersed in dense coastal vegetation. Behind each town are vineyards that you can visit.

Due to its natural beauty, the Cinque Terre has been on the UNESCO list since 1997. Since then, the Cinque Terre is also a National Park.

The world-famous botanical garden Giardini Botanici Hanbury is one of the largest in Italy. One of the most beautiful scenes of the Mediterranean is located there.

The most beautiful beaches and the best accommodation are in Monterosso village, while the town of Manarola is considered the most beautiful and romantic.

Twelve kilometers long so-called "path of love" is located between the villages of Manarola and Riomaggiore. As you walk with your loved one, on the one side, you will enjoy the sea view, and on the other, the cliffs are surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

The Cinque Terre is a perfect example of the harmony between nature and modest but colorful architecture that creates the ideal place and atmosphere for romantic moments.

Whichever place you choose for your getaway, you won't make a mistake. While Paris is always a good idea, there's something magical about exploring, getting to know new places, and sharing that feeling with the one you love.

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