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Luxurious Spots on Maldives

The crystal-clear waters and entirely white sand of the Maldives beaches attract over a million tourists to this small paradise archipelago in the Indian Ocean every year.

Visitors can enjoy the exclusivity of this destination, luxury service, peace, relaxation, and privacy guaranteed to guests.

But even the idyllic nature wasn't enough, and that's how we got hedonistic resorts, which will make every vacation plan seem dull!

New Resort on The Maldives

A fantastic new resort Lux North Male Atoll, has opened in the Maldives. It brings a small revolution in accommodation facilities in this tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean, writes Full Suitcase. It is a luxury village on the water with 67 two-story buildings in the lagoon and the beach. Each of them is equipped with a swimming pool and a pleasant "lounge" space on the roof five meters above the bay for relaxation and fun.

On the roof, you can request a massage with a view of the starry sky, and organized film screening, a romantic dinner for two, or a drink with friends.

The Singaporean company Miaja designed the look of the resort based on superyachts. Their main goal was to create a piece of island paradise combined with the most modern elegant interiors in which you will feel at home.

The spacious Lux North Male Atoll villas have exceptional beds, huge living rooms, luxury bathrooms, and outdoor showers.

Accommodation costs around 1000 euros or 1254 USD per night for two people. There is even an option to rent the entire resort for 158,000 euros for three nights.

Underwater Villa called The Muraka

If you have been wondering what it would be like to spend a night below the sea's surface, you can now try it. A luxury resort on the private island of Rangali in the Maldives offers accommodation in underwater villas.

The two-story villa can accommodate eight guests who get there by a small private plane, which lands on the water. During their stay in the villa, guests have at their disposal a speedboat, which they can use to go out. The villa also has a personal butler and chef who are available to guests 24 hours a day.

The villas consist of a large bedroom, living room, and bathroom, housed in a glass structure five meters below the water surface, where there is a panoramic view of the underwater world. The construction of this villa was made in Singapore. It was transferred to the location by a particular boat. It is attached to the ground under the sea with concrete pillars very carefully not to damage the corals.

The underwater resort is named The Muraka, which means "coral" in the locals' language. Though pricey, it's certainly an experience.

Selfie Battler At Conrad Hilton Resort

Gone are the days of silent and discreet butlers in tuxedos, with impeccable manners. Today, they can only be seen in British historical dramas, while a new generation of butlers is conquering the market of service activities.

Conrad Hilton Resort, a luxury resort on the Maldives island of Rengali, offered its guests a unique service - Instagram butler.

Instead of advising on the wine list, these "butlers" are members of the hotel staff, talented in photography. They find the most photogenic places for guests for original selfies, on the so-called Instagram Trails. It is a set of locations such as restaurants and sand atolls, which will testify how phenomenal your vacation was.

This may sound silly, but it is actually a targeted campaign aimed at a new generation of travelers who "live, eat, love and travel" on social networks.

Since the Maldives lift all bans, to partly save tourism, there are many sales, and some might happen to include one of the most luxurious, poshest places on the planet! It's all quite expensive, yet it's a once in a lifetime experience!

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