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Stunning and Cheap: Top 5 Idyllic Summer Vacation Spots

Our world is filled with seemingly endless, impressive beaches, which can make it challenging to decide where to invest your time and money. If you don’t want to break a bank, yet you need a place that promises an idyllic vacation, here’s our pick of top 5 spots, from all over our gorgeous planet.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Florida has something for any age. And when it comes to stunning beaches, Daytona Beach is famous worldwide. An hour away from Orlando, it’s family-friendly with a small theme park and scenic boardwalk, and the low prices make it a magnet to budget-minded beach lovers.

Daytona is full of entertaining dining spots with retro or tiki themes. Live music during evening hours and carnival-like atmosphere will make you want to dance a night away, while you’ll get to enjoy the sandy beach and the incredible ocean life during the lazy days.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, a laid-back beach city on the southern coast, is what makes Costa Rica shores accessible. White sands, almost untouched nature, and the sunsets straight out of telenovelas, are just what you need.

Caribbean seaside offers fun activities for mostly younger crowds and cheap, yet delicious meals. The water is clean and turquoise, so it’s as close to a paradise as possible.

Corfu, Greece

If you want a real European experience on a budget, Greece’s Corfu is the destination for you. The island is just as enjoyable as the more famous ones. Yet, the beaches aren’t as overcrowded, and you get to see pieces of history and taste the famous Mediterranean dishes.

There are the endless long sandy beaches on the West coast of the island, and the tourist mainly pebble beaches on the Eastern Shore. Most of them awarded blue flags due to their crystal and clear water. It’s not like you have to stay in one place since the island isn’t big, and you can rent a scooter to visit the whole site.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

Fabulous island life continues in Central America, and it has some beautiful beaches waiting to be explored. Half Moon Caye is the most significant island that’s part of Belize and a favorite destination for divers. One of the most considerable coral systems is located near the island, which is why divers and snorkelers love this spot.

Life here is relaxed, chill, and, yes, cheap. Again, you don’t have to choose between beaches: you can pick an intimate Caribbean spot, like Seine Bight and Maya Beach. The next day, take a tour of Half Moon Caye and make friends with turtles and birds, or take a hike.

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is one of the most beautiful European countries, often overlooked, since it’s next to great Spain. For vacations filled with sunshine and sand pick Algarve area, with villages, exciting parties, and a bit of everything in between.

The Algarve coast is located in southern Portugal, and it is like an endless series of some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. They are seriously magnificent stretches of sand: the weather and atmosphere are the Mediterranean, but this is the Atlantic, so the ideal waves

and watersports are available alongside more sober, family-oriented paddling zones.

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