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Train Tours To Explore the World

Trains are welcoming us into new adventures. Rain journeys are fun, attractive, and pleasant ways to explore places and meet new faces or have the time of our lives with people we love. Here are some of the most enjoyable train rides that will make you fall in love with this transport mode.

Train traveling is something special, and we admit: we don't practice it enough. But, if this break from regular life has taught us anything, it's that it's necessary to slow down and enjoy life more. Instead of running from one gate to another, our top choice is a gentle old school rattling train and a landscape slowly moving before our eyes.

Some steam locomotives are so glamourous that you'll think you're in a five-star hotel. Others will take you back to Agatha Christy's world, but we promise: it won't be boring!

California Zephyr

This train departs from Chicago, then passes through Iowa and Nebraska on its way to the Rocky Mountains. The route then goes through the Sierra Nevada to San Francisco. Even if you go through the whole two-day ride at once, you will enjoy the mountains' view during each season.

There is also the option to take a break - you disembark in Salt Lake City, there you are picked up by travel agency representatives and taken to Yellowstone National Park where you will spend three nights in nature. Either way, it sounds splendid, and we're on board!

Belmond British Pullman

Belmond owns some of the most luxurious vintage trains in the world, and the British Pullman is no exception. Most of us take a few day tours and with a hefty price. But there's an excellent opportunity to see what's out there if you take a day-long excursion.

The train departs from London from Victoria Station, and there are several routes to choose from during the spring. Perhaps one of the best ideas is to sign up for one that leads directly to RHS Chatsworth House for a flower show. You can book an appointment for next year right now, and if you're up for a little excitement, choose a trip that includes a Murder Mystery game. So British and classy!

Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon National Park celebrated its anniversary last year. However, the Grand Canyon Railway has been transporting passengers from the city of Williams to the south side of the canyon since 1901. After the end of the winter season, every March, the train starts running again. It departs in the morning and passes a 104-kilometer route that leads through a coniferous forest.

There is also a special return tour that departs from Los Angeles and lasts six days and includes a night ride on the Amtrak passenger train Southwest Chief, followed by a trip on the old steam train.

The Tokaido Shinkansen Line

Japan is a beautiful country and worth a visit. We suggest you don't choose between Tokyo or Kyoto. Include both cities be in your travel plan. And to get from one town to another, book a seat on the Tokaido Shinkansen train.

The route passes through the beautiful province of Shizuoka. On the right, you will see Mount Fuji, and on the left, you will see a pink "sea" - it is a vast field of shibazakura flowers (Phlox subulata). If this is too fast for you to experience this beauty, you can take a break and visit the annual Fuji Shibazakura Festival. It's traditionally held from early April until the end of May, with the peak of the flowering of more than 400,000 trees occurring in the first few weeks of May. Magic!

Instead of thinking about all the travel plans, you had to cancel this year, focus on making the upcoming months and years count. Plan an adventure of a lifetime, and take one of these fantastic, mesmerizing train tours. It's eco-conscious, and offers you moments of excitement and peace while nurturing your desire to see the world!

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