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Traveling Solo? Here Are Some Cities For Your Next Adventure

While we aren't sure when we will be able to travel again, we know that it's a great time to make lists and plans. Everyone should travel solo at least once in a lifetime, so here are some of our top destinations. Our primary focus today are major cities, so stay tuned for new places and spaces.

When you're traveling alone, you get to be your boss and the one in charge. It's a responsibility, but it's also a perfect way to explore the history, architecture, hot spots, anything your heart desires. We hope you love our choices, sit down, make a cup of tea and add more towns for your bucket list!

Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful nature, marvelous traditions, and history, plus worldwide known traditional music, this is the fastest way to describe Dublin. Ireland's capital is safe, not overcrowded, and full of greeneries. You'll fall in love with the city instantly, so it's good that you're traveling solo: you'll want to spend all the time exploring and doing your thing.

Get to know this fantastic city via bike. You can check out Blackrock Marker, full of workshops, and sustainable gift ideas. Then, check out Cracked Nut for some healthy and delicious meals and Vice Coffee Inc for some tasty cup of joe. End your day in a pub, chat with the locals; you'll feel safe and won't even notice that you're alone!

Belgrade, Serbia

With two rivers and history that dates back to ancient times, it's clear to see why Belgrade's capital is so appealing. But there's another reason to visit Serbia's capital – the parties! The city's also called new Berlin, and what's even more important is that you will great time at any time of the year, alone or not.

Belgrade is safe and cheap, but the parties are epic. The city lies on two rivers, and there are numerous clubs, pubs, and restaurants on the banks. And what's even more interesting is that parties last until mid-morning, so go from HotMess to 20/44, check out Brankow Club and watch the sunset from Lasta. Friendly faces will make you feel like you're in your hometown, and you won't feel awkward for going solo. You won't be the only one!

San Francisco, USA

Eclectic and full of beautiful surprises, San Francisco has more farmers' markets and restaurants than any other city in North America. Enjoy the free spirit of the town, as it is the cultural, commercial, and financial heart of Northern California.

Have a solo picnic viewing the Golden Gate Bridge and then check out the incredible, enormous Golden Gate Park. Discover the lakes, picnic areas, monuments, playgrounds, and gardens, and gather your strength to try to escape Alcatraz Island. The city is full of excitement, which you can see while riding a cable car system, the last manually run operation in the world.

Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is University City, small, yet it has a fabulous atmosphere and brilliant scenery. The city is 600 years old, so the architecture is just breathtaking. Have a quick bite and coffee at Café Commerce, and rent a bike, to truly see and feel this youthful, marvelous gem of Belgium.

The joyful city is ideal for solo travelers and full of wonder. You can get calligraphy lessons on the street or taste of the best chocolate mousse in the world in Café Leffe. If you want to enjoy some quiet, parks are everywhere, so you won't have the time to think about traveling alone. When you get enough of greenery, hit the shopping streets, there are only two, both near the Sint-Pieterskerk church, a masterpiece from the XVI century, then check out Gothic-style temple in the town's center.

Vancouver, Canada

Surrounded by mountains and water, it's only natural that Vancouver's best things are outside. A Canadian city offers vibrant diversity and endless culture and delicious things to eat and drink. No visit to Vancouver is complete without getting a dose of nature, of course.

Check out Stanley Park, then head to Museum of Anthropology. Then get ready for some real solo adventure: Capilano Suspension Bridge. Once you want something a bit more traditional, it's time to visit Gastown district, where you can eat, drink, shop, and start your day by visiting Wreck Beach.

Start planning your solo adventure now; we promise these cities are full of excitement and friendly people. Don't worry about getting lonely: traveling alone is the ultimate experience, where you're able to meet places, people, and yourself!

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